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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Weekly Shop

...and a latte stop!

Back at Asda this week. Left a little later than I usually do and the place was packed, I was lucky to find a seat in the cafe.
Of course, this meant lots of interesting subjects, including a guy with long hair, a leather waistcoat and cowboy hat...Just wish he had sat in my view!


E-J said...

I'm amazed by the amount of sketching you get done during your supermarket coffee stops! Are you finding that your people-sketching is getting more and more confident? It certainly looks to be.

I'll admit to feeling a little too conspicuous with my Canson book to try much of this myself.

Joan said...

These are great! How dare the man with the cowboy hat not sit where you could sketch him. The nerve!!!lol

Anita Davies said...

I'm deffinately getting braver E-J, yes!

Thanks Joan....I know, the cheek of the man! LOL!