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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Olde Griffin Hotel

After visiting The Olde Griffin Hotel in March for my 21st sketchcrawl and seeing it's potential as a place to capture people in my sketchbook, I decided to try to return at least once a week.
Last week I managed to get there around lunchtime and the place was buzzing.

I Took a square 6x6" W&N heavyweight sketchbook along. These books are most affordable and the paper is hard to beat; it's smooth for ink takes light washes well and loves coloured pencil...A good, cheap, all rounder then! I enjoyed having a slightly larger page, the small canson I've been using for the hospital and Asda is only 4.5x6" and landscape format.

I seated myself twice during this visit, which I hope shows in the lighting; the top sketch being closer to the window and the bottom sketch at the back of the Griffin.

The couple above attracted my attention because they seemed so content and comfortable with one another, talking constantly, unaware of the crowd around them.

The bare flesh a struggling sweater could not conceal is what got my pen scribbling in the lower sketch.


Joan said...

Anita, I really like the sketch of the couple on the top!!! Its great how much you get done.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love the added colour and you are really capturing a feel for each person both face and posture - clever you.

John Wright Art said...

That's really nice work, Anita. Your "people sketches" have inspired me to get back to doing some on the spot sketches.