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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Me and Harry

SP from life - Sepia Pilot Pen - 20 min study

Probably the friendliest looking self portrait I've sketched from life.

Harry from life - Sepia Pilot Pen - 15 min study


Tomas said...

Your portrait reveals your mastery of drawing - Good work! Yet what rejoiced me the most was love that radiates through your pen. Beauty has sweeten my life. Thank you for that magic.

Anita Davies said...

No, thank YOU Tomas...I'm flattered.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I agree Tomas - Anita's work reflects her love of life and people. Two great pen sketches pal. I started my first of 50 Years Together with a pencil sketch of me signing the register in 1959 from our wedding album. I've begun!! I'll never capture people on the move like you, but at least I have started 'people in life scenes' - thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

John Wright Art said...

It's really inspiring to see how your self portraits and people sketches are developing, Anita