Saturday, December 13, 2008

Street Life

Making use of the few minutes I had after arriving early to collect Harry from school.


winna said...

I like this for the composition that brings you into the scene, the brown wash looks antique, the places are interesting looking----very good job!

Anonymous said...

love your work-I love coming here, you keep me motivated to keep practicing my drawings/sketching-I want to be able to get what I see down on paper and have it LOOK like what i see-there's a long way to go I know, but it helps to have inspiration like this !!

Joan said...

I like the brown/sepia washes you used!!

caseytoussaint said...

I really like this - the sepia wash is perfect for the subject.

Anonymous said...

I love your journal pages, Anita. Thank you for sharing them---they are so inspiring!

Just out of curiosity: how long did it take you to do this little sketch? You say a few minutes---is that 10, 20....? Did you finish it on the spot, or work on it later?

Cheers, and again, thanks,