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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sketch Crawling With Harry

I felt a little guilty neglecting my journal over the holidays, so I decided to make up for it and create some fun time for myself and Harry at the same time.

A sketch crawl!

After dropping our bottles into the recycling bins at Doddington, Harry and I went into the post office to check our lottery tickets.
We then headed into nearby Wimblington in search of a bunch of flowers, picking up a hot comfort drink along the way from Sisco garage.
Flowerless, we paid our respects to some friends in Doddington graveyard before heading back home to grab a sofa each for the film 'K9'.
Later in the evening Harry decided to add paint to his sketches, I had coloured mine on location so took the opportunity to grab a final sketch of the day using the red pen selection I won from Andrea which arrived earlier that morning.

A most enjoyable day spent together laughing, sharing and snuggling. Harry made some fantastic studies in the short time spans we had.
Harry's sketches can be found on his blog HERE.


Owen said...

A lovely thing to do together.

Dia said...

What a sweet day & delightful sketches!

Often on Christmas day my (now former) hubby & I would walk around the neighborhood & count the flowers we saw blooming - usually a dozen or so - tho this year any that had been were blanketed with snow!

Margaret Ann said...

You are such a cool mom...the kind that kids like to hang out with...What a treat for Harry to have you for the day! :)

Delightful Sketches...Have the Happiest of New Years!

I'll be looking in on Harry's blog in a bit...:)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What a great day together.... but you never said if you won that million or two on the lottery?? Will pop over to Harry's blog soonest.

Joan said...

Anita - What a wonderful idea to do a sketchcrawl with Harry! I checked his blog and left him a comment. It's great that he's artistic too and is showing his art. Have a wonderful New Year and all the best in 2009!