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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rescued Angel

I rescued this angel from my parents when Mum decided to have a clear out a couple of years back.
This cheap, plastic, lattice style, tree topper crowned the tree every Christmas when I was a child and now rules over the tiny tree in my studio. She's been around for two generations and I'm hoping my boys will carry her on through a few more after me.

I sketched her today hoping she would repay me for rescuing her by ridding me of the terrible headaches I've been experiencing the past few days (probably caused by excitement, I'm worse than the kids at Christmas), hence the fairly basic sketch in ink.
I've made my wish and popped her back on the tree, now I'm off for an early night to give her a helping hand. I'm doing my HUGE Christmas grocery shop tomorrow in Asda and the lights in there often give me migraine, so I need all the help I can get.....and my sunglasses.
Wish me luck!


Kim Saxe said...

Anita~ She is precious and so are you. I am sorry to hear of your headaches, and I hope your early night wards them off tomorrow.

I was told long ago that backaches meant "I don't want to..." and headaches meant "I can't..." (or it might have been the other way around. If you are pushing yourself too hard, do try to back off (hard, I know.)

I stopped having headaches when I began drinking tons of water, tea, etc. - in case that helps.

Take Care,

Margaret Ann said...

Sweet memories these little ornaments carry thoughout so many lifetimes...

My best to you on the headache end of the post...I suffered terribly for years with them while I was teaching...oooh how I feel your pain...

Dia said...

What a sweet little angel!! I have a cloth one that I think I got in an ornament 'grab bag' that I picked up at the Good Will a few years ago - got several fun ornament sets, inc. a group of gnomes or elves, & some china santas, . . .

One of the things I need to remind myself to do is drink enough water, dehydration can be an issue for either back or head aches!! On working days I'm fine - always fill a cup before a (massage) session - but at home? . . . OK, I'm filling a glass RIGHT NOW!!

Do hope you're feeling better!

Anita Davies said...

Thank you all for your concern. I am THE worse person at looking after myself I'm afraid, I live on coffee and it's the only thing I drink, all day, every day. I also survive on around 4-5 hours sleep a night and I'm supposed to wear glasses for my pc that I just cannot seem to get used to, so rarely remember.
Yesterday I switched from coffee to juice at around noon, laid off the pc all day and I went to bed before midnight.
This morning my head seems to be clearer. I'll take some water shopping with me ;)
I was interested to see you mention backache along with headaches, I have back problems and I had wondered if the two were linked.
Mostly though I believe it's probably stress/excitement, I'm so revved up about Christmas I think I may explode! LOL!

Robyn said...

Hope you are feeling better, Anita. I agree that when I forget to drink enough water that is when I get a headache. Of course the very worst headaches are when I give up coffee!

I don't know how you fit everything into your busy life, so there is almost certainly a degree of stress involved.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Good luck in ASDA - I can see that truck fully loaded and overhanging - just like one of your wonderful zany sketches. Nice Angel story - she's a darling. Take care of yourself and to help those migraines, make a New Years resolution to cut back on that coffee!!!!!! Love you pal.

Joan said...

Sorry to hear about your headaches. I too rescued some ornaments that we had as kids on our tree. Some are still in good condition, but a few look well-worn. I also have the Nativity set that my mom bought when I was about 8 years old. I love having things to decorate with from back then. Feel better!

Sandy said...

What a touching sketch and post, it hit me on several levels - I hope you feel better and your angel lives on for many more generations.