Friday, December 19, 2008


A couple of quick studies using an old copy of 'Hello' magazine as a reference, a couple of Stabilo point 88 pens and a black pigment liner.


Angie Willis said...

Hi Anita - do you often draw from photographs/magazines? Is it good for practice or is it better to draw from life?

Anita Davies said...

Hi paloma.
I usually sketch from life but now and then when I've been stuck indoors for a couple of days and need inspiration I'll grab a magazine.
I believe both to be beneficial.
When working from magazines I focus more on the face than the figure because it's a great chance to practice features without someone moving around. I think ANY sketching using ANY reference is better than none at all. If you ever sit there for 20 mins or so wondering what to sketch, grab a magazine, better to be sketching something than wasting another 20 mins ;)