Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Visit From Joannie

My good friend Joan came to visit for a couple of days last week so we could take our works into The Old Palace in Ely together, ready for the upcoming exhibition there on the 12th.
I've been playing with a new technique in my journal, it's a cross between blind contour and taking a single line for a walk. Rather than sketching I use a single, solid, ink line to outline my subject. This technique shows every error and pushes one into making assertive, confident choices. Even with the errors, I like the results it gives and really enjoy working this way...It's kind of freeing. Even though my rendition of Joan is a little cartoony I believe it captures a likeness of her and her personality.
The sketches are quick and decisive so the whole spread is over in just a few moments allowing me time to experiment with some other design techniques such as the potato stamp I made while preparing dinner and used to decorate the portrait of Joannie above.

After dropping our works into The Old Palace, Joan and I visited Peacocks (The best tea room in the country...seriously, they won the award) What a beautifully quaint place, full of tea pots, dressers and un-matching china. Arched windows and old wooden church chairs helped to add character along with the homemade cakes and cake stands on which they were presented.


The Best Decade said...

Wonderful, Anita!! Question--what is "taking a line for a walk"? :-)
I love how this looks and how it must make you really look at what you are seeing.
I also looked at your book preview and it is beautiful! Good luck on the sales. I know that it will bless many and will probably even encourage some to pick up a pen and brush!

E-J said...

Now I'm even more gutted that I didn't see you two on Thursday! Told you it was a special place! It's been in Ely about as long as I have, and I just wish it was a little easier to visit with a pushchair in tow ...

Great sketch! For some reason I conjured up an image of you making potato prints in the middle of Peacock's Tearoom. :)

Autumn Rinaldi said...

I don't think it's cartoon-y, not in a negative way anyway. It's wonderful!

Unknown said...

Hi Anita
Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you did as your art is amazing. Off to look some more!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh dear! do I really look like that?? You have given my secret age away!! Nice touch putting the red wine in with my portrait - well we do go well together as always. We enjoyed the rest of the bottle with the gorgeous beef bourguignon Clive cooked for us when I was out running my acrylic workshop on Saturday.

Stephen Gardner said...

Great work Anita, your making me home sick.

Joan said...

You are always ready to try something new! Your sketch of Joanie came out looks like her from what I remember of you past skethes of her. I love the delicate sketch of the teacup!!!