Sunday, November 23, 2008

That First Spread Feeling

On Wednesday I completed my little Venezia A6 journal and enjoyed working in it so much that I started another on Thursday.
I still find that first spread in a new journal a little daunting; crisp white pages that need to be filled with something spectacular to set the tone of the entire book...You know that feeling right?

Well, I've never been very happy with my first pages as a result of these apprehensions so I've come to the conclusion mentally that my first spread will no doubt be something I will wish to rip from the spine...and this spread was no exception!
I broke the ice with the pages by sticking a piece of coloured paper on one of them, then I sketched my Son directly in ink. The sketch of Harry is not spectacular and the temptation to rip the paper off the page was high.

At this stage I decided it was time for some common sense, a quick reminder that this is indeed a sketchbook...nothing more, nothing less.
To escape the spread and all the pressure a new journal brings I decided I would finish it with a challenge:
Make the best of a bad job
So I went about concentrating on design elements rather than sketches, trying to build something pleasing to look at over all.

I think I rose to my challenge and made the best of a bad job.

Do I still wish I could rip it out?...You betcha'
I won't though.
It will grow on me.
I will learn from it.
My next first spread will be less daunting because of it.

Who am I kidding?


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel... great page... here's hoping the next one is less daunting for all of us :0

carin.c said...

I've had similar arguments with myself. I've started reminding myself that my sketchbook/art journals are my "practice" books... I place where I learn and grow and am going to put down many things that I wish were better but will never get better without "practice". Keep pushing through it.

Katy said...

I'm glad to hear this from someone of your experience and talent. I just started a new sketchbook, and it took me DAYS to make an entry!

I like your new template!

winna said...

I leave the first few pages empty to go back to later when I am more comfortable with the Moleskine pages...what you did I like a lot for the colors and use of the space.
Very creative and you'll feel the strength of not giving up each time you see it.

Waiting... said...

It is really helpful to see and hear accomplished fournalists/artists like yourself still struggle with the same things that I do (being new to this type of journaling). I say basically the same things to myself with my journal. Glad we are all in process!
I love your colors and design elements!

Mary said...

Anita, I was away from blogging for a while but now with more time on my hands, I see your blog is one that I will enjoy very much. I'm glad you didn't rip out the page.:)

Sandy said...

Ok I can't imagine anyone feeling otherwise when facing that first spread, I conquer it my not using the first pages :-) Perhaps it would be a good page to stick a photo representative of the current timing? This page is most intriguing, and yes you will always look at it and smile ;-) it captures a moment and memories.

Trish said...

You don't know how reassuring it was to hear that you struggled to make the first marks in a new journal! I am so new to art journalling, sketchbooks and such, and I switched from a comfortable medium for me (graphite pencils) to ink pens! You and this group give me the courage to strive on! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and artwork with us.

Dianne said...

Its amazing to read you feel these things, you make it look so easy and your results are always great. I guess its true we are are own worst critics. I like you new background it puts your sketches in a whole new light..

Serena said...

Anita, thanks for sharing these thoughts with are such a talented artist and I have always admired your beautiful work...your lovely and welcoming attitude is a bonus. I think you did a great job of the page but it's helps to know that I'm not the only one who has these types of experiences or feelings about my sketchbook. Much appreciated ~

love, light and peace,

Anonymous said...

Anita...I love all of your sketches of Harry! And your journal pages are always interesting! I'm also grateful for the sharing of your feelings as that is encouraging as well! Thanks for sharing! deni....;)