Thursday, November 13, 2008

Monday, Monday

Such a wet dismal day, Mum and I got absolutely soaked while we ran errands around Town but the day improved with my school workshop in the afternoon and my exercise class in the evening.
We cut potato stamps in class. The kids were first asked to sketch their homes from memory directly in pen before designing and cutting out their own stamp to decorate it with. I spent the hour both delighting in their enthusiasm and dodging potato flickings.
Pole dancing class was, once again, fantastic fun and I even managed a few extremely quick sketches while standing in line for my turn on the pole.

After choosing my title for this post I decided to look up the group that sang the hit song 'Monday Monday' and found a posting with the same title on 'A Daily Dose Of Architecture', a fabulous blog site featuring some amazing buildings. Check it out!
Oh, the group was of course The Mamas and Papas. You can check out the 'high budget' 1966 video here!


Zeke said...

love your journal sketches!

Margaret Ann said...

ROTFLOL...Dodging potato flickings...Hilarious...only you would bring your sketchbook to pole dancing class...OOOOh MY! You do my heart well...I am still giggling! :)

Unknown said...

Sketching in a pole dancing class. Now that is dedication to your art. Just found your blog Anita and it's been a pleasure looking at your sketches. I will definately be back.

Dianne said...

Anita your so funny, you do make me smile. Your pole dancing class sounds like BIG fun..
Your trip to March sketch, love the colors you used great sketch. I myself love the rain, your art class sounds like so much fun and your helping new budding artist fabulous..
I just love a architecture so I do love the link and have amde it a fav. I take a lot of pics of building, I'm a hugh Gaudi fan..
Thanks for the link...

rrARTz said...

i love it! i really look forward to your posts!