Saturday, November 29, 2008

MicroPoll : Are you experiencing any difficulties with my blog since its facelift?

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"JeanneG" said...

I'm not having any technical problems. Just feel a little closed in since I am claustrophobic.

Lisa Adams Reed said...

Anita-I agree with Jeanne. You work is mighty big for such a narrow page. The borders are gorgeous, just a little overpowering. Hope you don't mind the honesty :-)

Anita Davies said...

LOL...Oh, I'm a little like that too Jeanne.

Lisa, of course I don't mind, I encourage your honesty.

Sadly the website where I discovered the background only works with minima templates, all of which have this strip through the middle. I am a little tired of my ochre and fancied a change.
Believe it or not the strips on the side are always blank on minima, just exagerrated with this design and every other design they have.

I shall keep looking around. ;)

Thanks so much for your feedback, much appreciated. :)

Stephen Hall said...

I've logged on a couple of times today and your site keeps changing... It's like clothes shopping with my dearest! Does my bum look big in this? And in the best traditions of male input, I love this one! It fits snugly and looks good, the colour suits and I like the design... which means you are going to change it anyway! Oh well :-)

Stephen Hall said...

Actually, I really do like it and may have to put my foot down! It works realy well!

Anita Davies said...

I like it too Stephen and shall keep it!

ps. If anyone hate it right? ;)

Lisa Adams Reed said...

Anita--I am now looking at the light blue version and like it! It opens up the screen a bit and fits well with your style. Now I'm happy in your new home. (I spend so much time on your blog, I feel like I live there, too!)

Anita Davies said...

LOL..So pleased you like it too Lisa! :)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

This current version is much better than the black version... it was very visually distracting. These backgrounds are popular right now.. I'm not so sure I like them... but I'm old and I don't like change :-)