Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Weekend

The first spread was created from imagination before heading off on a rare night out. We had a great time! I thought I'd share some photos of our night...
1. Cathy (Birthday Girl)
2. Cathy & Tanya
3. Sharon & Me

The second spread contains my favourite Autumn flower in the garden, Michaelmas Daisies. I love these wild and delicate blooms, they pop up all over my back border offering such a welcome reminder of the Summer just passed, as well as a hint of excitement about the Christmas celebrations to come.
Their violet and blue hues work perfectly against the rust and gold's of the Autumn leaves, how clever nature is...Such a skilled artist.
They also cut beautifully, enabling me to bring them inside.


Angie said...

love the daisies - very delicately painted

Anonymous said...

So nice to meet you in person, Anita. Your self-portraits were very good! And I learned the name of those beautiful blue-purple flowers that always seemed to bloom at the very end of the season in amazing profusion when we lived in Texas.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Well done with the Close to home book. Would you order me one please and I'll pay you next week.
Did you see, I've finished the Japanese Vase at last... thank goodness its in acrylic or it would not have been dry by next Wed!!

Dianne said...

Hey Anita]
The ballarina is brilliant, and the flowers are very lovely and delicate looking.. I too would love to have a Close to home book and could pay you with apypal plus postage for across the pond. PLEASE let me know if this is posible.. I'm a hugh fan as you must know by now :):)

Terry Banderas said...

Nice to see a pix of you Anita.

Ann said...

Very pretty daisies. We get those here too but always called them asters. I like Michaelmas Daisies better. Lovely color!

Timaree said...

I think the flowers are very nice but I think the figure, unpainted, sets the tone for page. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

the ballarina's dress is so pretty. These are simply gorgeous.

smiles to you and yours,