Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shopping With My Journal

Grocery shopping on a Saturday!...What sort of a fool would do that when they have all week to shop?


So to take a little tension off and make my trip a little more bearable, I took my journal along and leaned on my trolley from time to time to sketch customers and write down some of the things I heard.

It worked!

I actually enjoyed my shopping trip and, after packing my purchases away, I filled the rest of the spread with some dead poppy heads and my Harry watching one of our favourite films.


Anetka said...

that is sooooo cooool Anita:)
I love the things you've over heard:) even more funny when you read them out of context:)))

Stephen Gardner said...

Now that's what I call commitment. Great page under difficult circumstances.

Margaret Ann said...

I have said it before...and I guess I will just have to say it again!!!...You ARE the "Energizer Bunny!"

Love the little slice of everyday life here...simple images and everyday "voices" we can each identify with! :) Brilliant! more thing I loved...the poppy pod so inobtrusively spots the season right on! A wonderful little detail!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What a girl - even turns dull food shopping into an art class. Love the comments you picked out and the coloured hatching strokes when seen enlarged. The dark behind Harry's head really works.
Is this another series to offer Asda or Tesco's for their publicity or in house journals???

Felicity Grace said...

LOL, yes, you are definitely the Energiser Bunny! I tend to avoid Saturdays too but there is a different sort of crowd then, don't you think? A great assortment of shapes and sizes! I love these sketches of your life!

Dianne said...

Love this page, imagine doing it while pushing a cart.
Very amusing talk going around there. Brilliant post...

Nina Johansson said...

A great idea, Anita. Might have to try it some time. Grocery shopping is rather boring, I think, but drawing would probably make it more appealing. :)
Beautiful spread, I love it!