Thursday, October 09, 2008

Design By Commission

This recently finished commission was quite different for me. Designed around the clients fine bed linen, that is decorated with silk embroidery. The pattern is small and random and fills a border that sweeps across the cream background framed by a double pleat.
I decided to focus on one element of the design; the pink floral one, because the client has plain pink curtains in her room. I managed then to include most of the smaller elements all bound together by the swirly lines that appear throughout.

To appreciate the painting fully you have to be infront of it, pearlescent medium adds a pleasant surprise to some of the petals on the pink flower, the paint on the leaves was applied to resemble stitching and texture medium and gutta were used to create texture. I applied two raised strips at each end of the canvas to replicate the pleats that frame the pattern.

The linen is elegant, feminine, delicate and slightly oriental in appearance, my aim was to capture that essence while providing a focal point and creating a piece that would tie all elements of the linen and the room together.
I went through many sketches before I reached this point and was surprised at how much of the time spent on this commission went into the planning of it rather than the painting of it...reminding me that it's often the simplest of design that have the most graft behind them.

I was happy with my result and the client was very pleased...It looks wonderful in the room, holding focal point across the top of the bed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anita! Love your works! Thought I would pop by to let you know I need your email addy so I may send you an invite to the Collage Play with Crowabout group!!



Joan Sandford-Cook said...

BRILLIANT. Its such fun using fabrics and room decor to create a piece of work and you've succeeded brilliantly here with all the texture you created amongst the simplicity of the floral image.

Lisa Adams Reed said...

Your talents are never-ending, Anita! Will you be able to share how it looks in the room? We would love to see!

Kari Gibson said...

How clever! It is so pretty and I love reading how you made it.

Call me crazy (everyone else does), but I also think it would make a lovely gift card as well.

kazumiwannabe said...

That's great! Unique and beautiful!

Timaree said...

This doesn't look like the works we usually see here but it's light and refreshing. You did a great job on the swirls. I always mess up when it comes to them. They aren't as easy to look natural as it seems.

Unknown said...

Completely awesome work!

Anita Davies said...

Thank you all!

The swirls were more difficult thatn they appear, especially as the gutta occasionally decided to run clear goo (for want of a better word)

This is the best photo I could muster before delivery, bit disappointing really. I have to return to the client to collect refs for my next commission :) and I'll try to get a better pick, perhaps in situ, then! ;)