Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The BIG Snip

How brave was I?
I wrote six inches but I'm sure it was more like eight!


Margaret Ann said...

Very Brave...WooHoo! But doesn't it feel good???!!! Fun the indigo violet colors! :)

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Love this compostion Anita...your writing binding it all together!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

You are brave... very brave... and you need to do a new self portrait now... don't you :-)

Lisa Adams Reed said...

Wow! I love the whole look of this posting! Colors, composition, narrative! Oh, please show us what your hair looks like!

Timaree said...

Nice page. Kids being away from home eventually becomes easier. You'll never stop worrying but there will be lots of gaps between the dire thoughts of what could be happening to them. Really.

Anita Davies said...

It does feel good Margaret!

Thank you Alina and Ronell.

Elaine how right you are, I shall add it to my long list! ;)

Lisa...A photo?...Oooh....Okay, I'll take several thousand and see if I can manage ONE I like enough to post! LOL!

Freebird, what a wonderfully original way to describe what I am feeling...You made me smile! Thanks! :)