Monday, September 01, 2008

Snettisham Park Farm

Today was the last day of Harry's school Summer holidays, tomorrow he will start a new term in a new class and leave me for six hours daily, five days a week...AGAIN!
I shall miss his company and our long days together.

To make the most of our final day we headed towards the Norfolk coast to visit Snettisham Park Farm where we fed pigs, lambs, ponies, chickens and goats.
Park farm has a lovely personal feel about it, scattered with numerous old stone barns, sheds with rickety wooden doors and apple trees dressed in dappled sunlight. Chickens and ducks roam freely around your feet and cockerels perch on old machinery filling the air with their authority.
It was a blustery day, so we opted out of the lengthy deer safari, a long open trailer pulled by a tractor, but we did walk to the first enclosure to witness them from a distance.

A children's activity area complete with towers and roped walk ways offered Harry entertainment while I stopped for a latte and a quick sketch to remember our day by.

The large watercolour Moleskine I have been using to journal this years Summer break in is not full, I shall put it aside ready for Summer break 2009.


Ann said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and that's a lovely sketch. I imagine having Harry off at school all day makes you appreciate your time with him even more. They grow up way too fast, don't they!

mARTa said...

ah, summer is coming to a close? I begin French and Oil painting classes this I'm off to school too! Lovely sketch and I've enjoyed spending some time looking back through your posts.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I took the girls to Snettisham farm some years back when they were younger and they loved it as it was spring and they were allowed to feed the lambs with bottles of milk. We took the tractor ride out into the open to see the animals grazing... if I remember correctly it was very bumpy!!!. Thanks for the memory.

Anita Davies said...

Far too fast Ann! Thank you for your comment.

Thanks Marta...Oooh, oil classes....Can't wait to see your results.

Oh Joannie I thought that tractor ride looked a little bumpy...we opted out as it was very windy when we went.
Glad to have stirred a few fond memories for you.