Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pete Draws For Buttons

I uploaded the sketch above, from my Summer 2007 journal, into my Flickr account a few weeks ago and had this comment left by Pete Scully:

' grrr...i was just thinking about cadbury's buttons yesterday and bemoaning the fact i can't get them here...now i really really want some! Tasty looking drawing.'

Being an admirer of Pete's wonderful sketches and wicked sense of humour I decided to mail him and asked if he'd like to swap - A sketch for a parcel of chocolate buttons?

He agreed!

I received this fantastic postcard a while later:

©Pete Scully

Too funny...I love it!
Pete has since received his Cadburys parcel.

Thanks Pete...Enjoy!


Jenny said...

What a delightful trade! I'm sure Pete's tummy is as satisfied as you are with your postcard.

Joan said...

Wonderful trade!!!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

What fun... I don't know what a cadbury button is... but it must be wonderful if Pete did such a great drawing to get some... and you Anita, did a drawing that made poor Pete drool on his paper I'm sure of it.

suzanne cabrera said...

So, so cute! Sounds like a great swap to me.

Margaret Ann said...

Hilarious...what a fun thing to do! :)

lyn said...

Anita you rock!! That is soooo cool, I love trades and barter....(and chocolate)well done!
Continued success!

Anonymous said...

the buttons were delicious, thank you! especially the giant ones. i save them until last. Poor little freddos though, got eaten just moments after opening the package, heads dunked in hot tea. Lovely! cheers again!

Kerstin Klein said...

Hi Anita,

I read about the trade at Pete´s blog and thought to myself, that you are both such lucky guys. I would find it difficult to choose between a Cadbury chocolate and Pete´s sketch, though I would settle for the sketch. :)

All the talk about the chocolate brought back good childhood memories and some questions concerning Cadbury. I grew up in India, and they had a lot of British stuff available.
I used to love Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs, which I can sometimes find in duty free shops at airports. But what I loved most were those little chewy oval-/egg-shaped chocolates which came in purple metal/tin boxes. I can´t even find them on the Cadbury´s website or elsewhere on the net. Anybody has an idea what I´m talking about? They did look like the nut selection, but I don´t think that there were nuts inside - maybe hard chewy Caramel? In case someone knows what I´m talking about, please let me know.
And what are Choclairs?