Thursday, September 25, 2008

15 Minute Fen

This sketch was completed in 15 minutes, plein air, smack bang outside of my studio during two crafty cigarette breaks while completing a painting commission. It's not perfect, it's not particularly brilliant either but it did remind me that you CAN capture the essence of a place in a very short time, so there is never an excuse not to!
The Fens are constantly changing, I am grateful for that, the field infront of my studio has recently been ploughed over, changing the soft golden tones into deeply textured earthy browns.


Liz Steel said...

I am enjoying the bombardment of your sketches! (I did the same this week!)
Love this quick sketch... totally agree that it is amazing what you can do in under 20 minutes.... look forward to your next post!

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

What a wonderful view, Anita...

Dianne said...

Well some can do it in 15 min, it great. I habve been watch BBC show Coast and it show some of the fens they are a fantastic place. Lovely view from your window..
Thanks for sharing your life and work..

kane said...

I became a follower of your blog

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Borromini. I've been browsing your recent updates and I can't believe you filled a whole large moleskine in a week! Well done.

It is Kate, I am very lucky :)

Hi Dianne, I often watch Coast too, great program...always makes me feel like packing a sketchbag and travelling. Thank you for being there to share with! :)

I saw Tommy...Thanks...Love your blog!