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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lunch At Clarice

Harry and I are like two peas in a pod, we both appreciate art, architecture and elegance, which makes our days together all the more pleasurable.
I've been visiting Clarice House for a few years now, a residential spa situated in Suffolk, the perfect retreat in which to re-charge those batteries. On my return I would tell Harry all about my stay and the wonderful food I ate, promising to take him there sometime.

Harry loves to dress up. When he was younger he would parade the house as a soldier, a wizard, a pirate, Spiderman, etc... At the ripe age of ten his taste has matured somewhat, his favourite hero is 007 and his dressing up drawer consists of various suits and ties, as well as a black tuxedo.

Longing for a chance to wear some of these fine clothes in public, Clarice seemed to provide the perfect location, so off we set for a spot of lunch!

We spent the whole afternoon at Clarice, 'ooohing and ahhhing' our way through three courses of taste bud tantalisers before strolling around the grounds.
Harry looked every bit a gentleman, so handsome and so well mannered, capturing the attention of both the staff and the fellow diners.

So proud of him!

Clarice House 2008
Clarice House 2007


peachtreeart said...

Awe, he is adorable. He is as old as my son. Although my son is half white, he has decided he wanted to grow an afro this summer. And this kid has lots of hair. Baldness runs on my mother's side so I said he do it while you can.

Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

Anita, what a lovely day, and what a memory!

Ann said...

What a smart looking young man! And what a wonderful memory you have captured.

Kathleen said...

I am sure it is a day you will both remember - It is fun to create memories - Now that my children are grown its fun to ask them what their memories are - and those special days we made seem to be ones they treasure -

Margaret Ann said...

How wonderful it must be for you to share some "soul" time with your son...a treasure he will have in his heart always.

Donna said...

What a handsome boy!!

Serena said...

Harry certainly does look very handsome. It sounds like you both had a great day. My son, Aaron, is nine and we hang out a lot together too which is so nice.

Quilt Knit said...

How wonderful! Harry is very Handsome. Both of my sons like their clothes. One has a enjoyed himself by wearing White Fedora with matching suit. My youngest wears the Black Fedora. But this year, has really come round to color. Plaid shirts, White Linen with different colored dress shirts underneath.
I know Harry will continue to enjoy His clothes. What a memorable day for Him.
I shared many with my Sons, and never regret taking them out of school and playing absent from work to do so.

Sherrie Roberts

kazumiwannabe said...

Very handsome and elegant young man! I love this post, your complicity and love is great to witness!

Jenny said...

What a great day for you and Harry! Hope you can plan many more that are a break from the everyday.

Spinneretta said...

How lovely :) My son loves the shirt and tie look too... partley because he feels so grown up I think!

It looks like you two had a great time!

Between that, and Jake doing so well in school, you must be bursting at the seams with pride this weekend :)

Deborah said...

A magical day and a wonderful memory for both of you captured with photos and sketches. Charish these moments. My son is moving from California to Wash. D.C. for a year. Said good-bye yesterday. It is always so hard and he is 30 yrs. old. Thanks for sharing your day.

E-J said...

Lovely crisp clear watercolour. And what a treat to get a peek at one of the Davies clan in a photo!

Clarice House sounds wonderful.

seesue said...

Ahhh Anita, your Harry is a handsome fella -that dimple! and your drawing delightful. The bride and party must have been spa-ing? you do have the bride in a robe..yes?