Friday, August 22, 2008

Column Week 29

This is my newspaper column, in print today in the Cambs Times and Wisbech Standard:


What woman doesn’t love her shoes?
The fact that they always look so cute in smaller sizes doesn’t help my obsession either because I am only a size three!
So it will come as no surprise to hear that my collection often lends itself to my creative side, appearing in many of my art journals, posing for me when I’m at a loose end for what to sketch. I’ve dabbled with a few designs of my own too, which can prove quite frustrating when I fall in love with my results only to realise that I’ll never be able to purchase a pair!


I remember my very first heels…As children we would visit my Great Nanny Titmus, nicknamed ‘Little Nan‘ because she was so petite. Her bed was in the lounge and beside it was an alcove in the wall, shielded only by a curtain, where some of her clothes were hung. We would drape the coats over her Zimmer frame to make a camp and I would try all of her dress hats on. She didn’t mind, all the time I remember her smiling and encouraging.
There was a brown suede pair of heeled ‘winkle pickers’ that I loved, so elegant and they looked as new as the day she had purchased them. I can’t remember how old I was when she gave them to me, along with my favourite brooch of hers, but I do remember wearing them. I cared for them as she had but I wore them out. Loved them but ruined them. I still have the brooch and the shoes will live on in my mind always.


If you would like to see more, my daily journal entries can be found on my blog :

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Kunstrxns said...

Shoes are my enemies, but I do love your shoe drawings

kazumiwannabe said...

I love your crocs drawing! I wish I could wear crocs, but they don't look cute at all on my long feet...

Dianne said...

I too have large feet so my shoes are limited. The drawings are wonderful. Who has size three feet lucky you...

Joan said...

Anita, I'd much prefer to be barefoot. But when I look at the beautiful sketches you do of shoes, I just love them!!

E-J said...

Size three?? Holy heck! How do you stay standing up? I do remember buying crocs with you in Ely market ... and you managing to haggle the price down a quid or two, hehe. As soon as I find a pair of Crocs small enough for M's weeny little feet, she'll be in 'em!

Margaret Ann said...

Are you really a n elf in disguise...size 3!!!!! Yikes!

Your Crocs rock! :0