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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blue and Green

The first sketch shows my nifty, new fan purchased for my studio, a very welcome addition at the moment. The background is made up of the design on Harry's new bedding and a splash of the emulsion we re-decorated his bedroom with called 'Tea Tree' which has made his room look lovely and fresh. Blue and Green are my most favourite colours together so I was very happy with Harry's choices in both paint and furniture.
The second sketch shows two pieces of his new furniture, the third piece had a whole bag of fixings missing on arrival so I'm hoping to deal with that today...There is always something isn't there?
I sketched this furniture from memory, after Harry had gone off to spend his first night in his new bed, and was surprised how much I remembered. I guess the fact that we spent all day fixing it together had something to do with it!


Margaret Ann said...

Top of the morning to you my friend...I obviously have not gone to bed yet...going on 2:30 AM Tuesday morning here in mind moving at break neck speed :)

...Harry's bed is so cool...You must tell him it reminds me of how kids fix up their college dorm rooms here in the US...bed elevated with bookcases...sometimes even a desk underneath...Looks like a pretty grown up room to me...Are you ready for that Anita??? LOL

I am also impressed with your carpentry/construction/follow the direction skills!

Okkay...Nighty night...I hope!

Anita Davies said...

Oh Margaret, I know that feeling...I finally hit the sack at approx 4am this morning and was up again at 9am.
Harry's bed has a desk underneath too- That middle section on wheels pulls out as a desk- He loves drawing almost as much as I do so he's thrilled with this little addition to his room.
Oh and......NO...I'm not ready for him to be grown up...not at all...but I think I do an OK job of hiding that....I think!
Sleep well Margaret!

purplepaint said...

Great sketches! Love Harry's room! That is an awesome bed! Blue and green remind me of the ocean... great choice in colors!

MaryO said...

What a great boy's room! Harry is a lucky boy to have such a handy mom...but I'm sure his mom feels lucky to have him, too.......

Laurie said...

What a cool room for Harry! He chose those colors himself?..what an eye he has! I love blue and green together.

Thanks for sharing (..and allowing nosey onlookers).

Keep having fun!

Spinneretta said...

I am sure my son would love a bed like that :) They just grow up WAY too fast dont they?

kazumiwannabe said...

Cool boy's room! And these two pages look fantastic!

Serena said...

I ADORE blue and green together! Great choice and that bed is AMAZING!