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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nibbles and Notes - Day 31

Did you know that cucumbers are 96.4% water?

The last day of my July Food journal 'Nibbles and Notes'. I didn't have time to paint it tonight, too busy painting the walls in my youngest Son's bedroom, but I may colour it in the morning and re-post.

It's been fun to make this journal as well as a learning experience, I've learned alot about my capabilities and the boundaries we set upon ourselves, I've learned to let those boundaries go, I'm free flying and loving it!


Ann said...

Anita, I have really enjoyed this series and reading your commentary. It has been a learning experience for me, the viewer too!

Stephanie said...

Anita! Way to go learning about oursleves and the the artificial limits that we set our and our breaking the walls down to our creativity is what journaling and sketching is all about! Now, If I would just learn that lesson as well as you have...

Katy said...

You must have an endless supply of energy! I wish I got get done as much as you do! What's your secret?

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Ann, so pleased you've enjoyed the month!

Stephanie...Thank you!

LOL...It may just have something to do with my caffeine intake Katy ;)