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Monday, July 28, 2008

Nibbles and Notes - Day 28

Did you know that ice-cream can be graded by it's fat content with levels ranging from 5-15 percent?
Anything less than 5% can not be called ice-cream.

Very busy and fun day so no time for colour but I may add some and re-post tomorrow.

This page was created as most of my food diary pages have been created, late at night from memory rather than throughout the day as I eat.

I started this month by sketching my food as or just after I ate, with the image still fresh in my mind, but soon found myself leaving longer gaps after eating until I was creating the whole page at the end of the day as a whole.
It has proven to be an interesting, additional challenge to the month and brought with it it some surprises. I've noticed that because the subject was quite a relaxed one I sketched more freely without expectation and enjoyed the results. I like this sketchy, loose way of is great fun.
I have also noticed an improvement with my gesture sketches, especially figures. It seems that by allowing myself such freedom I opened up another doorway of confidence, trusting my mind would be able to 'fill in' the gaps if my subjects moved...trusting my memory, something I never thought I could rely on to any huge degree before.
Sketching directly in pen (lead-free as I call it) is something I concentrated on for some time last year and have gradually let go of again, expectations rose and the personal need for accuracy butted in now and then demanding guide lines and an eraser. I had forgotten the benefits that lead-free sketching gifts and quickly promised myself that I would no longer use a pencil and eraser to sketch before picking up my pens.

These are my sketchbooks and journals, they are for practice, emotion, learning, notes, growth, expression...if I am to make mistakes this is where they ought to be 'allowed'.
I am a perfectionist, it took a long time to battle the FOF (fear of failure) and I was so chuffed with myself when I did, so I will not be allowing it back into my life. I'm nipping it in the bud now before it is well and truly planted and it's roots infest my mind again.

I hereby give myself the permission and freedom to fail.


Kunstrxns said...

Boy, do I resonate to the FOF, one of the reasons I joined EDM was because of pushing myself to show work that is not perfect. Perfect is for the Gods not we mortals and trying for it just holds us back. Congrats on beating your demon.

MaryO said...

Good for you! I hope I will one day be able to make a similar statement concerning my work as well as my confidence! (I have a long way to go on both counts, it seems). But I've learned quite a lot from your experience, thank you!

Anita Davies said...

I think fear of failure can hold you back immensely.
I believe that striving for perfection is what drives us to improve.
Two different things for me.

However, if I am to allow myself to search and grow, I must also allow myself the freedom to fail in doing so, that I might fully explore my creativity and learn from my mistakes.
Take chances and stretch.

Analysing my progress, my traits in my work and browsing my sketchbooks helps me see where I am.
Challenging myself continually helps me get where I want to be.

All that has changed mentally is that I am now fearless on my journey...I am running through the puddles and I couldn't care less if my feet get wet!
Dry feet=No fun!

Anita Davies said...

Thanks for the feedback Mary, I'm so pleased you managed to take something away from my waffling.

I think confidence is the biggest door of all in art and the hardest to unlock, throwing safety nets away seems so scary but every time I have, I have gained so much. Small steps, frequently...allowing yourself that 'proud' stage before pushing onto the next hurdle, remembering to praise yourself when you do well as well as being your own worse critique is a huge benefit.

Margaret Ann said...

Bravo Anita...Well said! :)

Stephanie said...

Anita, I have been enjoying your nibbles and notes for most of the month. I have even sat down and done a bit of the lead free sketching because I saw your journal entries! thanks so much for helping to remove the training wheels!

E-J said...

As with the ice cream, I reckon any sketch that does not contain at least 5% error cannot be called real sketching! :) It is how we develop as artists. And yet I'm certain that my sketchbooks would be much fuller than they are if I didn't still find myself slightly afraid to screw up a page ... Still find it so hard to let go of such hangups.

This page is terrific - I'm amazed that it came from memory! And what luxurious nibbles!

Barbara Weeks said...

I have throughly enjoyed following your "Nibbles and Notes". The fact that so many of these sketches were done from memory amazes me! Just great I also grateful for your insight and commentary since I, too, am afflicted by FOF-bigtime!

Katy said...

Thank you, Anita! I am also a perfectionist, and I think my fear of failure is one of the reasons I am getting started in art a little later in life. I am showing people drawings now that I would not have ten years ago because I am doing it for me and no one else. I'm not going to be embarrassed!

freebird said...

Now, my son has tried things like rock climbing and went down double diamond slopes on his first time skiing. Drawing doesn't have the dangers involved as some of these sports so why do we fear the risk of failure so much? Glad you are giving yourself the reminder before you slip back into old patterns. It's a good reminder for everyone. Thanks.

purplepaint said...

Anita - I never knew you drew these from memory! Very impressive! It's hard giving up the eraser but much quicker!