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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nibbles and Notes - Day 24

Did you know that liver is high in iron and excellent for people suffering with anaemia but should only be eaten once a week due to it being high in cholesterol?


MaryO said...

Oh! I love calves liver and never have it at home because DH won't eat it, but I sometimes have it in restaurants. Love it with fried onions!

mARTa said...

eeewwwwwwwwww.......but I love the sketch!

freebird said...

Hate liver! That's an interesting combination for your dinner. What is fairy cake? That sounds yummy!

Anita Davies said...

I love liver too, always have, although I prefer it with gravy and onions but it was just too hot here for that!

LOL...Thanks Marta!

Fairy cake is a term we used for a small single sponge cake, usually filled with butter icing cream or topped with icing....and they are delicious! ;)

freebird said...

That sounds like our Hostess (brand name) Twinkies. They are individual sponge oblong cakes with a vanilla creme filling. One of my favorites! Thanks.