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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nibbles and Notes - Day 16

Did you know that rice is believed to have originated in Southern Asia?

Took a class this morning so it's been a bit of a grab and run food day until dinner tonight when I indulged in a huge portion of home made curry and rice.
Managed to sketch my page out after dinner but this evening was a toss up between a family night on the sofa watching Bourne Ultimatum or painting and the family won!

Excellent film by the way!


Alan said...

While stationed in southeast Asia during the Vietnam War I lived on fried rice. I still love it.

Anita Davies said...

How unusual Alan, usually when someone HAS to live on a certain diet for any length of time they learn to loathe it. Fried rice is yummy though, I agree!

Serena said...

Oh yummy, curry and rice is one of my most favourite meals. Great sketch and, I agree, excellent movie!