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Thursday, July 31, 2008


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A quick sketch, after filling in my food journal page one night before bed, of my favourite hand bag. This little baby holds a large moleskine with ease, has pockets and places for everything I need and is casual enough to go with anything, making it suitable for everyday life and every sketching opportunity!


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

The bag looked fun to sketch with all the notations. You have such great ideas - we have so much just hanging around us we dont see as 'art' until we look at Anita's blog!! Did you get my recent long email???

kazumiwannabe said...

Fun sketch! Love all the details, like the hair clip, and the happy colors!

Katy said...

Great sketch and great bag! I'm still looking for one myself.

Margaret Ann said...

What a fab-u-lous bag...reminds me a bit of my favorite backpack used one summer in carried my whole life and had all kinds of doodads and momentoes of my trip hanging off of it...Love this!

freebird said...

Great sketch of the bag and great design for the page with your use of colors and tidbits.

Anita Davies said...

It's true Joannie, the ordinary can often be the best of subjects.
Lovely catching up with you and hearing your voice the other day...Will call or write later this week. x

Thanks Kazum, the hair clip is an essential when sketching in a breeze of any kind with long hair!

Katy I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect sketch bag...I really wish I'd known how perfect this one would be when I purchased it, I'd have bought every colour they had!

Oh Margaret, do you still have your backpack?...I'd love you to sketch it!

Thank you Freebird

Serena said...
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Serena said...

I'm still in search for the perfect everyday, all-rounder, sketch bag. Great sketch, Anita!