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Monday, June 16, 2008

A Short Break

Harry and I left home Sunday evening to travel to Coltishall to stay with my dear friend Joan Sandford-Cook for a few days. We are having a wonderful time!
Above you can see one of Joan's local pubs, sketched during my last visit.
I have decided to keep a separate journal for my trips to Coltishall and started this visit. I am using the A6 dragonfly journal made for me by Kala which is covered in the beautiful, black and white dragonfly fabric you can see below and filled with Fabriano HP.


Anetka said...

I just love this sketch!!! love the colours, the subject, love it:)

Joan said...

Great job on the sketch of the pub!!! If you have a special journal just for your visits there, you'll have to make sure to visit more often.

Lisalou said...

Ohhh this sketch makes me want to walk right into that pub! How precious!

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Anetka!

Joan I thought that when I decided to have a journal just for Joans but on this visit alone I filled 26 pages with 13 double spreads!!! That was in just 3 days!!!
I'll be lucky if the journal lasts me 2 more visits at this rate. LOL!

Thanx Lisa.