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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coltishall - 16 June 2008

Joan, Harry and I started our second day in Coltishall with a short walk to the river bank, met up with Clive (Joan's husband) and lunched outside The Rising Sun pub and Granary Restaurant, sun shining and the calming sound of river water close by.
The prawn cocktail looked amazing and it almost killed me to sketch it rather than eat it immediately!

We then took a ride to Fineways, where we rented a small electric boat for two hours.

Clive was our Captain, although Harry did swap seats with him for a while and did a wonderful job as I sat at the back of the boat and tried very hard to sketch all the beautiful things whizzing by.

We arrived back at the boat yard bang on time and I managed a quick sketch of our boat before we headed back to Joans.

After a delicious Chinese meal, which I devoured without sketching, all 3 of us took a walk up to the old ruin 'St. Theobalds' at Great Hautbois. We were fortunate enough to be there as the sun went down and cast it's golden light onto the oak trees and wild Foxgloves that surround it. Such a beautiful place to be with two people I care so much about.
Totally worn out we all retired a little earlier than I usually would but I still managed a quick sketch of the contents dressing the pine chest of drawers in the bedroom before finally putting the lamp out and falling off to sleep.


Nina Johansson said...

Beautiful drawings as usual, Anita. That prawn cocktail looks delicious...

Margaret Ann said...


Every place you sketch has such a special, quaint, nostalgic charm about it...maybe it's because of the antiquity of your area combined with your soft artistic touch...but then when you add your journalling these sketches become little treasures for each of us to tuck away in our life experiences...I have loved every one of your visual trips! Thanks for taking all of us along! :)

Anita Davies said...

Oh Nina it WAS delicious and absolute agony to sketch! LOL!

Thank you so much Margaret...I'm so pleased to hear you enjoy my trips, it's a wonderful feeling knowing I am taking so many of you with me when I go!

Anonymous said...

Prawn cocktails! That takes me back.