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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Close To Home - Wimblington

32a Doddington Road, Wimblington © Anita Davies

Another addition to the Close To Home project is this fairly new property along Doddington Road in Wimblington, a crisp, stylish home with lots of grand wrought iron and a curved brick entrance.

I sketched this one from the truck too, parking in Church Street facing it head on.

I was about halfway through the painting stage when the owner returned home with some shopping, as she emptied her boot I could see her looking over so when I'd finished I walked over to introduce myself in case my presence had made her uneasy.


"JeanneG" said...

Did she see the painting you did of her house or the sketch?

Margaret Ann said...

Ooooh I love this one too...such grand homes!

Anita Davies said...

No Jeanne, I left it in the truck and she didn't ask to see it but my Mum bumped into her neighbour and apparently she is very excited to see what I have done.
I guess I didn't force it on her out of politeness and she didn't ask to see it for the same reason. LOL!

I think iron work always gives a grand touch to a property Margaret. I loved the tall windows, they had little iron works at their base too!

Sharon said...

I like all your house paintings, but the colors in this are particularly appealing.