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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Close To Home - Benwick

The Limes - Benwick © Anita Davies

I sketched this home from one of my favourite locations, along the Nene river in Benwick. I sat on the opposite side of the bank in my travel chair with the sun blazing down on me and the river trickling alongside.
This home has often caught my eye, apart from it's obvious beauty and magnificent location, I have always been impressed with the immaculate lawn.

To view all of the homes in this project so far click HERE.


laureline said...

What an idyllic scene you've conjured up!How I'd love to have been there, too! You've really captured that glowing, watery light, Anita. Lovely sketch.

Shirley said...

I love this series Anita and can't wait to see what you paint next! I started reading Waterland by Graham Swift yesterday and now need to learn more about The Fens!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

You are choosing such interesting and different houses to paint. Checked out the link to all you've posted so far in this project to see what is my favourite to date - but couldnt decide!!! Love them all.

Joan said...

Beautiful job on this house. I can imagine being on the inside looking out. It must be a calming view.

Ann said...

Beautiful watercolor! Makes me want to be there.

Anita Davies said...

Thank you Laura, the light was wonderful that day!

Thanks Shirley, yes, the Fens have alot of interesting history.

I can't decide either Joannie! LOL! There are so many I have my eye on to paint for this project but most involve getting out of the truck for a decent view and the weather of late has been an obstacle to say the least.

Thanks Joan, it is a gorgeous view, I've often thought how nice it must be to live beside a river.

Thank you Ann!