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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Back To School

I love when my kids are home from school. I wait patiently for holidays to come around and when they do, they fly by!
I am grateful that I will have my journals to look back over in years to come so I can re-live these wonderful days.


Spinneretta said...

I am glad you enjoy your kids... So many parents don't! Mine are home full time, since I homeschool.. And while it is exhausting, it is so wonderful to be able to see them expand their horizons and grow :)
I love your journal memories!

Ann said...

I very much enjoy seeing your drawings and watercolors, as well as reading your posts. It saddens me when parents say they are glad their kids are back at school and out from underfoot. Childhood is so short. So happy to see you are celebrating your children :)

NerdyMom said...

What a great thing to do. Every day my little one dumps her backpack on the floor, and it would be perfect to draw that and remember that crazy flowered bag with all the things hanging off the zipper! thanks for the inspiration (and lovely picture, BTW).

Anita Davies said...

Spinneretta I envy you the homeschooling, it must be hard work but SO worthwhile. I totally begrudge the 6 hours of my children's life that are stolen from me on a daily basis.

Me too Ann, I've never really understood it myself...Why have children if you don't want them 'under your feet'! Mine are more than welcome to trip me up any day!

Oh your Daughter's bag would make a lovely journal entry Nerdymom, they are the personal kind of things that will be long gone from sight and memory when she gets older.

Thanks for visiting and taking time to leave your comments.

Serena said...

I eagerly await the school holidays too, Anita. They never seem long enough for me. Other Mum's used to say I was crazy but I've always loved having my kids home with me. Lovely sketch!