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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Journal Grid

The Everyday in May posts have taken over from my daily journal posts this month but I have still been filling pages none the less.
I'm having alot of fun adjusting from the smooth HP paper in my Canson journal to the CP paper in my new 'Flo' journal. The usual 0.1 pigment liners I use do not like the paper very much but my Lamy Safari seems to enjoy any surface put before it. The Daniel Smith watercolours are such a pleasure to work with and I'm gradually finding my way with them.

The door was sketched while waiting for Harry to come out of school.
The necklace was a gift from my Mum, a little 'just because' treat, it has beautiful delicate trinkets hanging from it aswell as a large amber stone.
The roll is topped with sunflower and poppy seeds and was delicious!!!

I have so much to post, more homes from my 'Close to Home' project and lots more journal pages, so be prepared for a visual bombardment over the next couple of weeks.


MaryO said...

I was about to say your grids are my all-time favorite, but then I think of your "Voices" and the choice becomes more difficult. I will look forward to that "bombardment"!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

The necklace is lovely. And the roll looks good enough to eat.

Anita Davies said...

Thank you Mary. I'm pleased to hear you've been enjoying my 'Voices' theme.
Brace yourself for the catch up! LOL!

Thank you Andrea...The rolls really are the most delicious snack and go perfectly with Nutella spread. LOL!

freebird said...

Great layout. Good way to record the little bits.

E-J said...

That amber is just gorgeous! You have really got some fantastic textures with your watercolours here - on the brötchen too! I like the way a colour scheme has emerged from the elements of your day.

I look forward to being bombarded! :)

Anetka said...

your sketches are gorgeous!! Watercolours look marvelously tasty.
I am waiting for more:)))