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Saturday, May 03, 2008

In Search Of A Suit

My eldest has a rugby presentation this evening so we spent Friday shopping at the Grafton Centre in Cambridge for his first suit.

We used the 'park and ride' facility into town from Cowley Road and I attempted to sketch a passenger while riding on the bus. What a challenge! I could hardly keep the pen on the paper long enough to make a mark.

While we were waiting for the return bus I managed a couple more sketches, this time of the 'Kinetic Mobile on stainless steel needle' created by Peter Logan in the 1990's.

Jake looked so handsome in his new suit tonight.


Quilt Knit said...

I know the bus routine all to well. My iPhone, iPhoto device died. I did everything to restart the system. So, I scheduled a meeting online with Apple. I went ahead and took the cake I had made for my son's birthday All chocolate with chocolate extra everywhere and cream cheese decoration. I got a new iPhone in record time. My iPhone's digital camera is a very awesome piece of equipment. So, I now have a wonderful library of
bus and T resources. It is so quiet.
Most of the successful sketches on the bus or T are done with sharpie markers or the acrylic pens. Most are in preparation for a night of Graffiti.
Bold large strokes.
On occassion I have managed a couple of sketches.
I like the 'Kinetic Mobile' sketches
Glad your oldest is getting up and on into His own world.

Sherrie Roberts

Anita Davies said...

I think our roads must be extra dippy over here Sherrie, either that or I am much more out of control than I first thought...I couldn't control the sketch for love nor money!

'Glad your oldest is getting up and on into His own world.'

Yes, it's a good thing...right?...and I'm coping...mostly I'm coping. We talk, we get on great, we are friends...and still I feel I am losing my baby and, if I'm honest, I get a little scared ...Then he calls me....needs me and I'm coping again.
...Mostly I pity him for having ME as a Mother!