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Thursday, May 22, 2008

First Date and Second Year Anniversary

Flo is my new journal, made by Kala on Etsy and we shared our first date together this week. Filled with Bockingford watercolour paper and draped in summer floral fabric, she's one deliciously, voluptuous beauty with plenty of character.
My friend Joannie, another voluptuous beauty with plenty of character, gifted me an Amaryllis plant for Christmas 2006, which I totally forgot about until Spring 2007 when I decided to unwrap it from it's plastic wrapping, find a place for it in the studio and water it. Despite my neglect it produced beautiful blooms. Then Summer came and the studio was visited only to dump and collect one plein air set for another...again my Amaryllis was forgotten.
So, you can imagine my surprise when I moved a chair in the studio a couple of evenings ago to find the most gorgeous blooms sprouting from this miraculous beauty!
Perhaps it's the strength of the friendship with which it was gifted, rather than water, that keeps this work of nature looking so gorgeous?


Sherry said...

Mmmm. Pretty watercolor journal. The story of the amaryllis is a lovely parable about the tenacity of friendship.

Spinneretta said...

**grin** It obviously likes the neglect ;) Lovely picture and a greta start to the new journal!

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Sherry & Spinneretta

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh so disappointed I'm not the first to comment on this 'friendship' posting. Lovely painting but no wonder its heavy head is hanging down. Whow what a tenacious plant to bring you such beauty during two years of - may I say it - neglect!!! How brave of you to confess it!!The opposite of what you give me my friend. Always there for me for a long long chat, inspiration, encouragement, support, fitting in time and effort to drive all this way to visit and love I shall always treasure.

Robyn said...

Beautiful watercolour, Anita and I love your candid tale of the little Amaryllis that refuses to give up.