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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 29 - The Voice Of Tintoretto

You can never do too much drawing.


mARTa said...

and you can never get enough of Anita's extraordinary posts! I feel like just need to sit one day and write you a long email and sing your praises! I think your everyday in May should be published and I want the first signed copy! You (through the greatness of others) have so inspired me!

Marie-Dom said...

Anita! It's been a while since I visited or anybody for that matter.... and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and drooling over your fantastic work. You just go from strength to strength. You voices project is fantastic and I love the idea of doing the houses in your area.
Keep enjoying yourself.

E-J said...

Love this one! The mix of elements, and the simplicity of it. It's got great style.

And who can argue with Tintoretto??

Sandy said...

Oh this one is so clean and graceful - your work this month has been stellar!! I will miss these daily voices!

Joan said...

Nice combo of images! I always loved the name Tintoretto...such charm to it!