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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daniel Smith Watercolours

My Daniel Smith watercolours finally arrived from the USA on Friday...Woohoo!
Sadly the empty pan palette I ordered is yet to arrive so I'm making do with a plastic palette for now.
The hardest part I'm finding about having 29 new tubes of delicious colour is remembering what they all are once squeezed into the palette but for now the choice is so much fun that I am willing to overlook it.

Margaret you were right, the quin colours are just juicy!


Terry said...

The fine liner pens you use to write on DVD's or CDroms work well on plastic if you want to add the name of each new colour I have done it in my 48 half pan box and it works a treat

Anita Davies said...

What a fantastic idea Terry...Thank you!

E-J said...

Lunar blue! Undersea green! I've never heard such exotic colour names!

Really like your sketch of the tubes.

Are you up for a bit of a sketchcrawl & coffee round Ely sometime soon? A Tuesday or a Thursday, perhaps?

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Hi Anita - I wonder what you think of the paints. I've only worked with Winsor Newton products (Oh, and Yarka, which I didn't like). Do you feel like there's a difference? Anyway, many happy watercoloring hours to you.

Joan said...

It's so exciting when new supplies arrive in the mail. Daniel Smith's paints are really nice. I got a few when I got the Toucan Triad. When I put paints in my palette I use self-stick labels to identify the colors. I write really small in waterproof ink, cut the label small enough, and stick it on the outside edge of the palette. That way if I change the color in the well at some time I can pull the label off or cover it with another labe with the new color. Enjoy your new paints.

MaryO said...

This makes me want to throw out all my old tubes and buy new DS colors! Maybe I will when I get more comfortable with this paint..
I always enjoy my visit to your site.

Jenny said...

Wow! Beautiful, new colors! These ought to keep you busy for awhile! I'm excited for you.

When I'm using a temporary palette, I just write down the paint sequence on a piece of paper and maybe add a dot of color.

Judybec said...

Love your drawing of the tubes Anita!
These colors look very rich and beautiful. Let us know how you like them!!

Sue said...

I love it when people paint their paints!