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Friday, May 09, 2008

Column Week 14

This week's entry for my illustrated column in the Cambs Times and Wisbech Standard in print today:

Everything in the garden seems to be blooming early and it's looking so pretty I decided to take a few moments today to create a sketch.

I chose 'Charlie', the statue I purchased in memory of my Nephew. The statue is usually known as 'The whistling boy' and he stands proudly in the corner beside my laundry shed, underneath an apple tree and climbing rose which births cream blooms that turn a shade of yellow with age. The Spring bulbs are now fading soon to be replaced with delphiniums and Jacobs ladder in hues of purple and blue. A dash of red breaks the green of the laurel bush when the redcurrants ripen and a hoard of butterflies, bees and birds keep Charlie company throughout the year, as was my intention. Various shells from our visits to the beach decorate the soil surrounding the base of the column upon which Charlie stands, as well as 'gems' my youngest finds in the yard, such as feathers and fossils.

It is a beautiful corner in the garden, in full view from the house and yet safe from human footsteps.

If you would like to see more, my daily journal entries can be found on my blog :
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Joan said...

Thanks for a peek at this lovely corner of your garden. Nicely done!!

Sandy said...

What a sweet tribute to your nephew and a sweet tribute to spring. Lovely entry!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Delightful drawing and beautiful text showing a love of your garden and nephew. Full of charm and sincerity.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Joan...You are most welcome!

Thank you Sandy.

Thanks Joannie!