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Monday, April 21, 2008


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Over the past two years I have viewed some pieces of work where the colours stood out as so clean and fresh that I actually contacted the artists to ask which brand they used...The answer was always Daniel Smith Watercolours.
I have tried to order via their online shop to no avail, greeted by the word ERROR on each occasion, and none of the UK based shops I looked up stocked them.
Time and trouble sent them to the back of my mind only to be reminded of them again recently by Margaret's wonderful works.

Tonight I took the plunge, called them direct and placed a huge order. Twenty Four juicy colours (pictured above) + the five I qualified for FREE on their watercolour passport promotion:

Organic Vermilion
Cobalt Blue
Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
Jadeite Genuine
Cobalt Violet Deep

I realise that there is no way I actually NEED all 29 of these delicious colours but it's taken me so long to order and an estimated 4 weeks for delivery, so I decided to go for it!

I also ordered the 24 half pan enamelled metal box:

I was surprised to read that the paints come in large 15ml tubes, so I'm quite happy with the price of my order, I shall let you know if I feel the same about my mobile phone bill when it arrives! OUCH!


Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

Looks like no end of fun, girl! Worth the wait, I hope...I like DS paints too, though I still prefer Winsor & Newton for most things, I'm such a stick in the mud.

Jenny said...

New toys time! *dances in the streets for Anita*

I've never played with mine except for making a color chart, but they are ready when I am. So many people love the DS watercolors.

Packages from England always arrive here in seven days, so don't fret about waiting four weeks. It will probably be within two weeks.

Did you order empty half pans for the palette? It's difficult to locate them in the U.S.A., but I suppose you can pick them up at most art shops in England.

Enjoy your new stash of loot!

doudy said...

SO congrats for the colours enjoy every color, the list was delicious :)))), keep us updated of their performance :)

Frankye said...

I bet you will love the paints. I find them smoother and easier to use than any other ones I have used in the past. MaimeriBlu has the same smooth quality, but not the range that DS has. The mineral colors are wonderful granulation colors. Cascade Green is my all-time favorite to use.

Serena said...

Oooooooh, lucky YOU!!!

Sara Mathewson said...

You will not be disappointed! DS are my favorite watercolors. And the nice thing is that they do not dry out and crumble in the pans/palette either. I love the colors you chose!
Have fun:)