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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Which Watercolour Sketchbook?


In my last post, Emma-Jane left a request for advice on choosing a watercolour sketchbook. Here is her question:

I have some questions for you, Anita, about the watercolour sketchbooks you've tried. I'm hoping to find one that is case bound and smooth enough to take fine pen comfortably but is also a good paper for Inktense, coloured pencil and straight watercolour washes - so that I can experiment with using just one book for my journaling. ("Take two sketchbooks into the shower? Not me. I just sketch and go!!")
Would hot-pressed paper be suitable ..? Any advice on this would be appreciated.

It took me a long time and a lot of 'mistakes' to find the kind of sketchbook you are searching for so I had no hesitation in dedicating a post to your request.

I would most deffinitely choose a HP paper if you are hoping to produce ink pieces. This is the Canson sketchbook:

I have now had the pleasure of owning and using 3 of these gorgeous red books and they have happily taken all of the media you wish to use with ease. In fact, I have even used gouache and collage in these beauties and I'm sure they would take acrylic too!
They are filled with 230g/m watercolour paper with a traditional white, matt surface. Acid free with archival permanence.
The description also claims they can be used for chalk and pastel, which I know will please you.
They come in 3 sizes and I purchase mine from Greatart. They each have 60 pages and I was thrilled to find them at such a reasonable rate, they are a pleasure to use and look fabulous!

All of the images in this post were created in the Canson sketchbooks, all in different media.

I hope this was useful to you.


Watercolour Pencils


Coloured Pencils


Margaret Ann said...

You always continue to amaze me...and thanks, I found the info very helpful as well! :)

Robyn said...

Beautiful selection of examples, Anita. I have only ever had a spiral bound Canson 160gm drawing sketchbook which is recommended for everything except watercolour. I find it actually takes watercolour very nicely, particularly for sketches.

Dave said...

Yipee!! Another sketchbook to try!!

Lovely examples, too.

Sydney said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try it next time. Wonderful sketches too.

E-J said...

Extremely helpful, Anita - thanks so much! I'm so happy to learn that the kind of book I was dreaming about actually exists. I will be ordering one (maybe two) immediately. It doesn't hurt that the book is also gorgeous-looking ...!

That daffodil sketch is lovely.

simplyred said...

Thanks, Anita. I've been wondering about this same thing myself. And it's good to see that they are very attractive on the outside too. Thanks for the advice.

Ms. Ernie
Gypsy Gold Studio

ujwala said...

Thank Anita for the tip and the work displayed on your blog is wonderful.

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou all for your kind comments. I'm so pleased you all found the information helpful.

caseytoussaint said...

Thank you for the tip, Anita - I've just bookmarked the page you linked to - I'll order one of these as soon as I need another sketchbook.
The work you've shown here really shows what an amazing range you have - it's all wonderful.

petescully said...

good sketchbook tip that. I always liked canson paper. Might give it a go. Great drawings! I like the one of doddington hall.