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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tea or Coffee?

For me, it has to be coffee!

I can't operate without it.
My right eye refuses to open until it's oiled by my morning cuppa.

No milk or sugar....strong and black.
Unless it's a latte or Cappuccino, then it has to have plenty of both.

I'm sure I'm addicted.
I average 20 cups a day
It's the only refreshment that passes my lips.

Sleep is not a happening thing.
I sleep an average of 4 hours a night.
Everyone blames the caffeine.
Truth is, I was a night owl long before our relationship began!


Anonymous said...

Exquisite work -- I share your caffeine addiction. :-))))))

Kae Towers said...

I'm on my way to being that addicted. I used to sleep around 9-10 hours until I got a coffee maker in my house (always loved coffee just could never afford one). Now, I average about 5 or 6 and its decreasing as the months go on. I only go through 2 pots or so a day.

Anyways, lovely drawings ^__^

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Wow, that IS a lot of coffee. I used to be able to do that. But now, I can tell I need more sleep... even though I'm not in the habit yet.
Of course HOT coffee in summer in Texas is impossible. Iced coffee is quite pleasant!

Anonymous said...

A fun post and great fun sketches going along. I agree with that cuppa! and you're right, eveone commands me to cut down on the coffee to slepp better, but I've also been "born" a bad sleeper!
Nice work.

SCquiltaddict said...

Great caffeine too but made my heart go tooo pitterpat so the DR said to stop...well i still have one cup a day...BUTTT no more pitterpat..very sad giving up caffeine!!! has to be the secret of your work power!

Serena said...

Anita, for years, I used to drink that much (or more) coffee a day...strong and in a soup-mug-sized mug and I never had a problem sleeping at night. I've always been an early riser so I do believe whether you sleep well, or not, has a lot to do with your own body clock.

I gave it up cold-turkey 3½ years ago. Now, I'm a green tea-aholic. lol

Serena said...

Oooooops, meant to say....great sketches!!! :)