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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Heavy Duty Trespassing

Arrived early for my yoga class again yesterday and decided I'd sketched enough from the car park there for a while so I drove past the British Legion in Manea and turned right into a yard with access to a public footpath. I wasn't entirely sure if I should be parked where I was, it looked suspiciously like someones farm yard to me but the yellow monster in front of the old tin barns was just too tempting and worth the risk.

I was sketching for about five minutes when a tractor pulled up and a farmer jumped out and headed towards me...Gulp!
I informed him I was sketching and asked if I was okay to continue, surprisingly his response was very positive. He then drove the JCB, carrying it's large fertilizer bags, up to his tractor and slit the bags open to load. For a moment I thought I'd lost my subject but I was mistaken. The farmer re-loaded the JCB with two new bags and parked it back EXACTLY where I had found it.
What a considerate and charming man.
I gave a grateful wave and continued to sketch for 20 minutes or so, adding a little colour from my Schmincke box, before heading off for my yoga class.

Thank you to the kind gentleman that made me feel so comfortable while trespassing on his farm Wednesday morning.


Anonymous said...

Anita...this is great! and what a great story as always! deni...;)

Kate (Cathy) Johnson said...

I've found that when I get the chance to speak to the owner they are almost always nice and interested! And I love your yellow monster...

Kim said...

Your story made me smile, Anita. This was totally my experience with the lovely English people when we lived there. Thank you for reminding me of your Beautiful island.

I like your sketch, too.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Deni!

I have to agree Kate, I've had a good public response with my sketchbooks...Thank you!

Thanks Kim, glad to have churned up happy memories for you.

Roshanda said...

Great story and great painting! I love how you always find an opportunity to draw.

Anita Davies said...

Thank you Roshanda