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Friday, March 07, 2008

Column Week 5

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This is my 5th column entry in the Cambs Times & Wisbech Standard, in print today. In case you have difficulty reading the text size in the top image, it reads as follows:

"I was kindly invited to join the art group at The Bowthorpe Centre in Wisbech last week, where I received a warm, friendly welcome and a hot cuppa on arrival.
While members around me slid large sheets of paper and canvasses onto their easels I reached for my sketchbook and captured a few of them ‘in action’.
We enjoyed a very informal, relaxing morning, tapping our feet to the sound of ‘Seasick Steve’ tracks playing in the background, a guest singer on the Jules Holland show I’d never heard of before, and getting to know one another a little.
The small garden boasts numerous pots full of sprouting bulbs that were fortunate enough to bathe in some rare sunshine by early afternoon as I sketched the daffodils.
I’d like to thank the members of Bowthorpe art group for their warm hospitality."


dibujandoarte said...

Oh Anita! You must be very proud of yourself! I'm so glad things are going so right for you. I admire how much you produce, and all the love reflected in every piece of art you do. It's like I can feel it when watching each of your drawings. All my best wishes, Martín.

Anita Davies said...

Martin thank you so much for your kind words.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What a surprise to me to see my old 'students' in your column! I easily recognise the lady in glasses (she has a twin yes?). Such a lovely Centre isnt it - so friendly, warm and welcoming. What a great idea to have you there for the morning to sketch and bring publicity to the good work that goes on there. Great article - I loved the garden too and often worked out there in the better seasons.

Sandy said...

I love reading your entries, thank you for keeping us in the paper "subscription "

Anita Davies said...

It was great meeting the wonderful people you have mentioned to me before Joannie, I had a great time.

You are most welcome Sandy. Thank YOU for reading them!