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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boxed In

On Tuesday I met with some friends in Wisbech and we sketched together. I produced the top sketch, a corner of the host's lounge, taking far longer than necessary because they wouldn't stop talking...or was it me that didn't stop talking?...Nooo, it was definitely them!

The second sketch was created at home and took just a few minutes because I only had myself to talk to and, frankly, I bore easily!

Both of these sketches include boxes, the contents of the boxes in one sketch taste a lot better than the other.


Donn said...

Nice sketches of the boxes. Especially like this one for some reason. Like your use of ink and watercolors.

Ptausha said...

Hi Anita,

I enjoy your blog so much! I've always been attracted to watercolors. Thank you for sharing your AWESOME talent! I doodle for relaxation and have been spending a few minutes a day lately trying to learn to draw. Again thanks for the beautiful and inspirational creations!!!

Margaret Ann said...

Both pieces are fun...Really nice job on the silver/pewter lamp base. Looks really cool! :)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh great, does this mean you have had time with Diane. Do so hope so.
Loved your humorous text had a good giggle - but then I know how you can chat - specially on the phone!!!! Love the artwork too - goes without saying you talented lady you.

Joan said...

Your box sketches are lovely!!! Such simple things, but so nicely done!

Joan said...

Your box sketches are lovely!!! Such simple things, but so nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Both are great sketches can do talkative and quiet sketches, all with the same ability!I love the corer of the lounge...wish you continued talking a little longer..

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Donn

Thankyou so much Patty, what wonderful feedback to read. I too find my art deeply relaxing.

Thanks Margaret, the lamp was especially difficult.

Yes Joannie and hopefully Di will be able to join us next week. Me chat?.....Never! LOL!

Thanx Joan

LOL...Thanx Ronell...I bet my company was glad I didn't! ;)