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Sunday, February 24, 2008


A few of my art tools, some essential, some favourites and some new!

The sharpies are new and, although they are 'fine point', they proved a little thicker than I thought they would be but they did come in handy for a recent postcard I made for the Postcard Pen Pal project.

The journal page below was created by simply drawing around my own shadow and filling the shape with watercolour.


Just because said...

I found that the Sharpie's soak through the paper quite readily. Is this a tool to save for heavy card stock and thicker papers?

Anita Davies said...

I found that they bled through my usual computer paper when I used one to make a note but they did not bleed through my 330gsm/140lb watercolour journal. So, my reply would be 'YES' probably better to save these for thicker paper/card or a single page project that would not present the risk of ruining the following pages.

Anonymous said...

Anita...I LOVE my sharpies!! I've used them so much teaching kids. The come in extra fine point and ultra fine point (the thinnest) and you can get those in colors as well. For kids we always use a "mat" below the (reg. copy) paper (a file folder works find) and for "special projects" we use marker paper which doesn't bleed through at all. If you put a piece of card stock under your journal page it will restrict the bleed to just that page and wont affect the next page in your journal. They come in such fun colors and are permanent as well.
cheers! deni......;)