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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mountains and Molehills

I've had one of THOSE weekends!

You know the sort; energy levels are low but your brain is going manic. Mentally you clean the house, wash the laundry and moan about all your chores and physically they all sit undone, unkempt.
Desperate to sketch but can't decide what! Every subject seems like a mountain waiting to be climbed, uninteresting, mundane or just too far to go and fetch because your legs have gone on strike and started a deep relationship with the quilt that covers your frozen toes. Oh the heating is on, it's cosy and everyone who enters informs you so but you haven't moved in so long you hadn't noticed yourself.

So I plumped up my cushions and broke the mountain down into little, manageable pieces.
I made grids.
Small boxes I could tackle throughout the day with any subject that came my way and when they didn't come...I made them up!


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Ha Ha Ive managed to be your first commentor on your weekend post. My weekend was helping Laura sort out finance for new home (yes again!!!) and painting my latest Coltishall scene for the printing project. Whats washing, cleaning and cooking for two!! Where did your plane come from??? Grid minis a great idea. Go back a few postings to see comments I posted late (f you want of course).

Margaret Ann said...

Love your title! :) Great color choices...makes one think of warmth and and the promise of spring.

I agree-grid projects come in handy at times like these...the process is fun and the results are surprisingly rewarding.

Hmmm...I might even post one of past efforts later today. I...just...might. Hmmm... ;)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I've had way too many of "those" weekends. And this past one was no exception. I usually make lists and get overwhelmed by the number of items. Perhaps a visual grid would be a help!!

Kim said...

Beautiful paintings to be sure...the message is so clear. Yes, I think I can identify clearly with what you were dealing with. I hope today the week is showing you the way to break through.

Have a Lovely Week!

Col said...

Ahhh...if only I could manage the rest of my life this way.
Do like the unifying backgrounds of the top image.

bec said...

OOOh yes! I've had many of THOSE weekends.. or should I say weeks!

I love the way you handled this-- the grids, what a great idea.

BTW --I received your teapot postcard this weekend. It's such a treasure! I just love having a piece of your artwork... and it is so much better to see the real thing in person! It's really beautiful. Thank YOU Anita.

Robyn said...

Ah, I see a plane, a palm tree and an exotic Asian destination. Seems there was as much dreaming as drawing going on. I love your grid layout. I tried it once and really enjoyed it. I must have another go.

As for weekend chores. We are such creatures of habit aren't we? I always did the ironing on Sundays when I was still working full time. Now I don't work, I still find myself ironing on Sunday. Weird.

As you probably know the thing about housework is that if you miss a week or a day, once you get around to doing it the end result is the same as if you had done it on schedule. In my book, it makes sense to steal a day (or week) for art or idleness here and there :)