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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Inside View

An antique chair to show off my posh cushions...A view constantly disrupted by the kids DVD's.

The single door entrance of my studio...A view of organised chaos and one too many empty boxes.

A comfy sofa, a hot cuppa and a view of the Fenland sky...Perfect!


mARTa said...

love the peek of your place and it's organized chaos. I love hanging out in my studio....there is something comforting about the chaos around us, isn't there?

caseytoussaint said...

I have the feeling that everyone else's chaos is more organized than mine is!
These are really nice sketches - I always enjoy these little vignettes of your world.

Sandy said...

I agree with Casey, this is not Chaos at all! Lovely peek into your creative world.

E-J said...

Isn't "organized chaos" one of the EDM Challenges? Or have you covered that one already! Love that hint of colour in the boxes.