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Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Busy Week

I have been exceptionally productive this week, so much so that I have a number of journal pages to share in this post in order to close the week.

The first is a 2 minute sketch I made on Wednesday, while waiting for yoga class to commence.

Above, you can see that the bunch of Daffodils, I have sketched a few times already this week, are now all in bloom.

After my meeting with John Elworthy on Friday I popped to Tesco Cafe to kill time before collecting my youngest from school.

I still managed to arrive outside the school early, so I parked up and sketched the Acorn Video shop, made a few notes and added colour on my return home.


Joan said...

What a productive day!!!

Anita Davies said...

It has been a great week for sketching Joan, I hope I can keep it up this week while the boys are home from school.