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Thursday, January 17, 2008


I spent a few moments on Scribbler this morning and created a 3 minute self portrait before dashing out of the door for the school run.
When I returned I decided to try a shoe from imagination and then gave it a backdrop in my paint program.

Scribbler is such fun to play with, I tried it briefly before Christmas too and created these from imagination:

The only downfall is you have to draw with your mouse...This is not an easy task! I'd love to have a pen shaped mouse to draw with for this sort of program.

I also designed and ordered a new mouse mat from today and uploaded the sketch below for the design, my old one is more than a little weathered.

My handmade sketchbook from Kala arrived a couple of days ago and looks amazing! You can see photographs of it over at Kala's Etsy shop. I had originally ordered it as a smaller sketchbook to my Canson journal to pop into my handbag but I'm afraid it became far too precious for such rough treatment the moment I set eyes on it so I am setting it aside until it either becomes less precious or I think of some special project for it.


Kala said...

Oh I'm so pleased it arrived safe and sound and you like it! I love your blog - reminds me how little drawing I do (shame on me) keep it up your drawings are wonderful!!

Robyn said...

Beautiful sketchbook, Anita, my suggestion is you sketch something in it immediately or it is just going to become harder and harder in my experience. Speaking as someone with a number of 'too beautful to use' sketchbooks in her cupboard.

I think your scribble bodies are terrific, particularly as they are sketched with your mouse! Have you tried a Wacom tablet and pen - they have some which are very reasonably priced and you would have a wonderful time with it , I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I have missed all your latest post usual, you were very creative and productive, even have a new sketchbook at the ready,did great selfprtraits, played around with your mouse, got new shoes...
Great work!

Robert A Vollrath said...

I'm just blogging around and found your blog. I like how your posts show
the process of your artwork.

Sandy said...

Such intriguing effect - Quite inspiring to stretch out of the box so to speak!

suzanne said...

Wow...these scribbler drawings are VERY cool! I especially like the portrait.