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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fragrant Feet and Dragonflies

Today's journal entry started with my hand holding a new bottle of perfume, I used a mixture of inktense and coloured pencil to create this sketch. Then, this afternoon, Harry sat on the sofa next to me and his feet looked so cute I caught a quick sketch with my Lamy fountain pen before he adjusted his position. This evening, it occurred to me that although there are 30 years between us, we have the same size feet and it would be a great thing to note in my journal before he slams into overdrive and stretches towards a size 12 like his elder Brother. My foot is the top one, same size but nowhere near as cute!

I ordered a bespoke journal from Kala on Etsy today, a UK seller based just under an hour from me. I have been inquiring about a journal with good quality 140lb watercolour paper and Kala now has the materials to make me what I need. Since I have recently purchased two 21x15" journals, one of which I am using here, I thought it would be a good idea to order an A6 from Kala. The larger journals are difficult to carry around, not impossible but difficult, so this should fit into my handbag nicely and also give me a feel for the new paper.

Kala sent me a page of fabric samples to choose from for my cover, a tough decision as they are all fabulous. I decided on the centre design on this set, the white dragonflies on black background to compliment the red and black cover on my current Canson journal.


Joan said...

Wow! A custom-designed sketchbook. It should look great with the dragonfly design. Fill it with wonderful sketches. As far as your feet...your foot + your son's foot = a pair. They really look like a matching set!

Wendy said...

Very interesting to see the Inktense results. Love the feet! It looks as if you have had luck with finding a bookbinder who also makes her own bookcloth.