Monday, December 03, 2007

Three Minutes

15 second figure studies @ Posemaniacs

I love Posemaniacs, it allows you to fill a page so quickly and creates some interesting compositions along the way. I spent just three minutes on the website tonight to fill this page in my journal, I then added some W&N inks I keep diluted in a couple of water brushes. The inks both appear brown here but the darker one is in fact black and the lighter is 'Nut Brown'.


Anonymous said...

Such an interesting composition! Great sketch.

Jules said...

Oh ho hoAnita!! What takes you three minutes would take me three days! This is wonderful!

mARTa said...

This immediately brought back a memory from an art class when I was about 14 years old! I might have to try posemaniacs!
I am enjoying your Christmas postings as well. I laughed when I read you were holed up in your studio wrapping gifts. I stopped wrapping years ago.... I tell everyone it's because I'm saving a tree but really...I just am too sloppy about the whole thing and dislike the task!

caseytoussaint said...

Well done Anita - you did this in 3 minutes? I'm speechless.

FRANKYE said...

The 3 minute page is fantastic. Even though the color didn't scan faithfully, the warmth of the color on the page on-line is lovely. And, did I miss the post where you told the EDM'ers about the portrait in the upper right of the page? I love it!

While I'm commenting, the hospital painting and the beauty shop paintings are also fascinating. I agree with some other bloggers - you make good use of your time!